Devil's Nekter (Harmony Cut)

by Jay Speiden



A slightly different take on the song "Devil's Nekter" this one with some simple harmonies added to the vocals and a more pared down chord progression.



You can't keep ignoring all these changes,
Just because you thought they'd never come
You gotta face the signs and the portent,
Playin each day in the shadows of the sun.

These days I stick to the back roads
These days I stick to the outskirts of your towns
It don't matter much anymore
People don't want me around too much anyhow.

But I've long since lost my horses
Long since sold the very last one.
Just for a taste of Devil's Nectur
And a couple hours in the sun.


Dead snakes in the canyons
Bloated in the hot, hot sand
Like someone opened up black magic here
And now it's runnin rampant
Across the whole goddamn land

See the black granite rising
Straight up outta the flat lands
See the wolves in a jagged line
Pushing hard for the crown
Eyes chlorophyll green-
Fur a matted brown

It's up there I'll make my last stand
Up there I can let things take their course
And if I'm lucky at all
I might just find another riding horse

And if I come down offa that mountain
I'll be a better man
But chances are they'll catch up to me first
Still, I gotta do what I can.




Written by Jay Speiden


released April 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Jay Speiden 上海市, China

Jay Speiden lives and works in Shanghai where he spends his days making dioramas in his kitchen. He longs for the day when he has enough personal wealth to buy several rubber plantations in Indonesia and then halt production, turning them back to nature, while still paying wages to all laid off workers. He will live there in a tree fort with his dog and wife among the great apes and elephants. ... more

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